Let’s stand our ground and fight back against cyber crime!

We believe that there is no reason for anyone to be a helpless victim of cyber crime, and we are committed to finding ways to protect ourselves and even fight back.

At Cyber-Dome we are developing tools and methods to fight back against cyber criminals. We hope to see everyone participate, and become part of a global community of people who want to make the cyber-world better!

Cyber-Dome was started after Michael, the founder of Cyber-Dome, had his computer hacked and his credit card data was stolen. Michael decided to fight back. If you have also been affected by cyber crime, or if you are concerned about cyber safety, we hope you will join us in helping make the cyber-world a safer place!

On the internet there is greater vulnerability to crime because the criminals are invisible or hard to find. It is possible to be a victim without even being aware of it because hackers can spy on people remotely.

The biggest problem for cyber-security today is the cyber-criminals are always changing their tactics and updating their skills — they continually do this to avoid detection by anti-virus programs. In other words, most anti-malware programs can only recognize the already-discovered techniques.

To be truly protected, there must be a way to identify malicious attacks quickly, before they can do any damage.


Cyber-Dome is working to…

  1. Create a cutting-edge program that works as a defense tool to catch problems that antivirus programs miss, in order to better protect home computers from being hacked.
  2. Promote awareness of the reality of cyber crime, and help educate people about cyber safety.
  3. Create an online support group for cyber-crime victims to allow us to help each other.
  4. Create a knowledge-base about “computer hygiene” that teaches people about the infectious hazards in the cyber-world.
  5. Create a global network for idea and information sharing on cyber safety.

Currently, Cyber-Dome has the following resources available:

  1. “Magen – Malware Vigilance” is a cutting-edge program, that works as an alarm system to give an alert of any computer trespassing. It is able to detect the new and unknown techniques that are continually being invented by sophisticated cyber criminals. The alert allows people to eliminate the attack. Magen works by taking advantage of a specific vulnerability in viruses that can be used against them: a virus must implant itself in special places in the computer in order to be resurrected the next time the computer starts up. Magen can detect when new programs are implanted in these computer “rooting points” and allow the computer owner to disable them.
  2. Cyber-Dome’s website has basic information about cyber crime and ideas for ways to stay safe.
  3. The Cyber-Dome support group for victims of cyber crime is on Facebook.

Please feel free to let us know if you have ideas for additional ways to stand up against cyber crime and cyber criminals.